"After tearing the cartilage in my knee for the second time I didn't think I'd be able to return to sport, I went to Paul for my post op physio he drew up a great rehab plan for me to follow. After a number of weeks and a back to the play assessment I was back playing. I cannot recommend him enough he is brilliant"
Katie , GAA 

"Thank you for fixing my tennis elbow! Im working as a chef, so I really need my hands! Paul also give me exercises for the aftercare workout! Perfect now!!! "
Tamás, Chef

"I went to Paul about 9 months ago with severe pain in my back and pain shooting down the front of my left leg with no feeling in my knee.He Immediately  referred  for a MRI scan as he thought I had damaged my discs .When the scan came back he was spot on ,I had herniated 2 lower discs and 1 in the middle .From here he said he gave me a program to get me back training."
"I stuck to his program which was starting to get some results and with his advice I started to go swimming. I could go for a walk now without any pain. So he upped my program to add a bit of weight training with light weights adding a bit each week.This went on for a couple of months and the pain decreased. I am back full training now 2 months with great results .I recently maxed out on all my lifts and all but 1 went up which was surprising since i wasn't training properly for about 7 months. I can't thank Paul enough for his dedication and time to get me back training."
Mark , Crossfit Competitor.

"After numerous visits to different physios over the last few years with a neck injury that wasn't going away, a couple of visits to Paul finally sorted it out! Paul prescribed a weighted rehab exercise programme to follow and this managed to fix the issue once and for all. Have also been to Paul with a couple of other little knocks and he has always sorted me out. Highly recommended!"

Melissa , Legal secretary & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competitor.

"Went to Paul with hip pain that I'd had for months which was affecting my training . After only one session my hip felt tonnes better and I trained that night with no pain for the first time in a while . Paul is so knowledgable and professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone . I Will definitely be going back to him in the future"
Rebecca Copeland , Nurse and Weight lifting Athlete