Paul P Sherry  DipOST , CDN  ,W-EMT 

Paul is the father of two girls and married to Ailish.

His sporting background comes from martial arts having trained and competed from a young age, while in secondary school Paul played Gealic football and rugby.  An active endurance competitor Paul regularly competes in marathons, ultra marathons, triathlon’s and adventure races among other sports.

With a passion for the outdoors he is an active member of Mountaineering Ireland , Canoeing Ireland and The Native woodland Trust ,and currently training for his Mountain Leader award and Level 3 Kayaking guide qualifications, A qualified scuba diver he also enjoy's surfing & mountain biking.


Some of Paul's qualifications included:  

Orthopaedic and Sports Therapy Injury Management Diploma. Sports Therapy Certificate, Functional Movement Screening Certificate, Holistic Therapy Diploma, Emergency Sports First aid Certificate, Recreational & Remote Emergency Care Certified, Advanced CPR/AED Certified, Advanced Trigger Point Dry Needling Certificate, Trigger Point Soft Tissue Therapy Certified, Swiss Ball Rehabilitation Certificate, Exercise for the Prevention and treatment of Disease Certificate.  Certified Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician(medical and trauma pre-hospital care in remote or austere environments),  Safeguarding 1 & 2 - Club Children's Officer for CSPGYM , as well as completing numerous Specialist area CPD Certificates .

"I am obsessed with learning and increasing my knowledge base for the benefit of both my clients and myself" Paul is currently studying Sports and Exercise Medicine & Sports Psychology.

Paul is a great believer in the fraise "prevention is better than cure" and having amassed a wealth of Experience over the years from working pitch side for a number of GAA Team’s, at Sporting Events and CrossFit competitions, Paul now also Teaches Advanced Injury assessment and Emergency care courses for Sports Team’s, Coaches & Parents. 

As well as  working with amateur and professional athletes of all ages both in juveniles and adults. Paul also has a vast amount of experience working with patients with underlying conditions such as Diabetes , Thyroid Conditions , Addison's Disease, Obesity , Anxiety and Depression and has successfully treated chronic conditions in patients such as Thoracic Outlet Syndrome , Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMJ) , Morton’s Neuroma, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).